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NO GOOD NICK                                               CO STAR                                                   NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES

GAME SHAKERS                                                GUEST STAR                                             NICKELODEON

2018 CBS SHOWCASE                                      PERFORMER                                             CBS

SMALL SHOTS                                                   RECURRING                                             AMAZON PRIME

THE CAVANAUGHS                                          SERIES REGULAR                                     OAPCA PRODUCTIONS

BIG DIRTY SKETCH SHOW                              SERIES REGULAR                                      BLAST RADIUS TV

PRIVATE HIGH MUSICAL                                  SERIES REGULAR                                     60 FRAMES/RED BAND IND.

BREAKFAST BURRITO                                       SERIES REGULAR                                    MT. VERNON ENT.

TODDLERS & TIARAS                                       GUEST STAR                                             FUNNY OR DIE

MINOR STARS                                                   GUEST STAR                                             FUNNY OR DIE

RETAIL THERAPY                                               RECURRING                                              COHEN SISTERS

DURRTY DAV                                                      RECURRING                                              COMEDY TIME PROD.


BABYSPLITTERS                                                  CO STAR                                                     SAM FRIEDLANDER

THE MISSING LINK                                             LEAD                                                           AMAZON PRIME

VIGILANTE DIARIES                                            SUPPORTING                                            AMAZON PRIME

ADVENTURES OF MCGRUDER                         SUPPORTING                                            MARKUS INNOCENTI

CAMERAMAN                                                      LEAD                                                          10THSTREET PROD.

BLOOD SHOT                                                      SUPPORTING                                            DIETRICH JOHNSTON

FACEBOOK: THE MOVIE                                    LEAD                                                          VENDETTA STUDIOS

EASY S.O.S.                                                          LEAD                                                           PLAYHOUSE WEST PROD


THE COMEDY STORE                                          STAND UP COMIC                                  

THE LAUGH FACTORY                                         STAND UP COMIC

HOLLYWOOD IMPROV                                        STAND UP COMIC

FLAPPERS COMEDY CLUB                                  STAND UP COMIC

HAHA COMEDY CLUB                                         STAND UP COMIC

LIP SYNC BATTLE: SHORTIES                              WARM UP COMIC                                    NICKELODEON    

BEST BITE EVER                                                     WARM UP COMIC                                    ABC

COMMON KNOWLEDGE                                    WARM UP COMIC                                   GAMESHOW NETWORK

BEST EVER TRIVIA SHOW                                     WARM UP COMIC                                   GAMESHOW NETWORK

CAROLINE AND FRIENDS                                    WARM UP COMIC                                   GAMESHOW NETWORK

CATCH 21                                                               WARM UP COMIC                                   GAMESHOW NETWORK

PAULA ABDUL RESIDENCY SHOW                     COMIC / MC SKAT KAT                           FLAMINGO HOTEL, VEGAS


Stand Up Comedy, Comedy, Dance, Improv, Warm Up Comic

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